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INJAZ Saudi Arabia is a national non-profit initiative that aims at preparing Saudi youth for success in the world of entrepreneurship, developing their leadership skills and raising awareness of the principles of financial culture, and promotes the entrepreneurial values ​​necessary for success in the labor market today. And achieve a better and more prosperous life.

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Injaz Saudi Arabia is the way to qualify the Saudi youth to the labor market, providing them with programs that support the concept of financial culture and how to create jobs and start successful business activities with all the skills they have leading leadership.

Since the start of the achievement of Saudi Arabia more than ten years ago, it has worked to prepare the ways of success for the Saudi youth in the labor market, and to provide the knowledge and skills required by the 21st century to create a generation capable of discovering its potential, promoting its homeland and economy and eliminating unemployment among young people. The joint cooperation between INJAZ Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Human Resources Development Fund continued.

How we started?

The start of success was the launch of INJAZ Saudi Arabia, a non-profit initiative in 2007, in collaboration between NCB and INJAZ. Saudi Arabia’s achievement in the Kingdom was a special budget and independent management program in 2009.

This is followed directly by INJAZ Al Arab, established in 1999 by Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, followed by public policies adopted by Junior Achievement Worldwide, the largest non-profit educational organization in the world, established in the United States In 1919 in order to qualify youth for the labor market and launch private projects and financial culture through experience-based programs and the transfer of experiences in 121 countries around the world.


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