He joined Saudi Injaz Alumni Club

The achievement of Saudi Arabia for them was not just a task they decided to accomplish, nor a path they crossed with quick steps to reach the other side, and it is certain that the achievement was not a quick and easy success in which their dreams, talents and personal hobbies turned into a world of practical creativity in the business world, and success, fame and pride were achieved for them Themselves for what they have achieved.

This is an achievement program when achieved on the ground, and extracts from their youth their creative energies and their ability to challenge, and helps them discover their desires and goals, and then directs all these energies positively towards achieving their goal in the success of their nascent companies.

With every success they achieve, the Achievement Program achieves new success and great pride in the contributions that their companies and private businesses have contributed to.

Join the Saudi Injaz Alumni Club now and share your experiences and interests around the world.

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